How good are you at RECEIVING?

Most of us are great at giving. I certainly derive great pleasure and satisfaction from giving and I know many other people do too.

Recently though I have come to understand that receiving is just as important, if not more so.

img_0730In order that someone can give, by definition someone must also receive and not to receive is denying that giving process.

Learning to receive and being open to the receiving process can take practice and is in some ways counter intuitive. Yet it lies at the very root of your success. To be able to receive money, for example, or promotion to a more senior, better paid position with good grace is paramount. Receiving then should be something we are diligent at. In time it flows with abundance – just look at the abundance of nature. It flows effortlessly, without trying.

Humans are no less blessed than any other aspect of the universe, in many ways more so.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to receive and express your gratitude at the abundance.

Have you got any examples of this in action?



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