Do you hang out with the B.M.W. gang?

We all have friends who are constantly moaning and whining about everything. I call them members of the B.M.W. club, and no this is not some automotive get together. IMG_0984The Bitching Moaning Whining club is all about casting blame on others and not taking responsibility for their own actions and life.

Nothing is ever their fault and they are quick to point the finger any which way but at themselves. They are usually rudderless individuals who have no real aspirations in life and even fewer ideas on how to get there.

You know this kind of person? They sap energy and resources. The energy loss is so great it can take hours to recover from being with someone like this.

Now if you reverse this and look at your own actions, do you belong to this club – even on a part time basis?

Take time in your day today and notice your own actions and what you are choosing to do and also that of others you interact with. It may shock you!

Resolve to spend less time in the B.M.W. club either with its members or as a member yourself. Catch yourself, and look at how taking responsibility would change your response (see Don’t React). You will find that you want to spend less time with those moaning and more time with people who will actively encourage you and raise your game.

If you need help to raise your game and be more accountable for your actions contact me to see if working with me might better help you achieve the outcomes you seek.


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