Who do you need to BE?

On a recent accountability call with a client we looked at how he could move forward towards achieving a specific goal. The goal had been clearly defined and a time frame set. All too frequently though we all focus on the actions required, the ‘doing’ part.

superman-1910709_1920I think it was Jim Rohn who was accredited with saying that first you need to work out who you need to BE first before doing. There are lots of stories around this, whether you are an athlete or a politician, whatever your role in life, defining who you need to BE first allows the doing to come more naturally.

A friend of mine uses the analogy of asking you to imagine what a Super Hero would do in a given situation. This is a powerful way of visualising someone you need to BE. Create your own avatar of you perfect Super Hero and fine tune your own behaviour to match it.

So next time you are faced with reaching an outcome look first at who you need to be then work out what needs to be done in order to have what you are seeking.

Please share stories of how this has helped you below in the comments. Thanks


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