The power of being focused

Many books have been written on the subject of being focused. The One Thing by Gary Keller is perhaps the most focused of all.


It’s great then, when you see the power of being focused and the impact that it can have. The benefits are usually swift to show up too.

In a recent coaching session I suggested that my coaching client single out one key point of focus for his business. He had been using a scatter gun approach and was intent on the actions rather than the results. He showed me a VERY impressive list of actions, quite an achievement given his hectic lifestyle, juggling a day job and family as well as developing his property business.

His focus though, was not on results, but on actions, and a variety of actions that weren’t actually achieving any discernible results.

By cutting away the clutter and overwhelm, that all changed. The focus became the result. The ‘why’ he was doing this activity. Even with limited time, he made that time count. The action was spread over a week rather than each day, allowing him to stand back and reflect. It is said that we overestimate what we can achieve in a day and under estimate what we can achieve in 10 years. Stepping back like this gives us a clearer vision whilst still focusing on the end goal.

He is now significantly closer to his real goal, and is likely to achieve it in half the time he projected at the start. Now that’s an impressive achievement and really shows the value of being focused!

What could you focus on? What impact would it have on your business? What accountability do you need to keep you on track – on your Blue Line?


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