On November 6th 2011 I ran the New York Marathon. The header picture on this site shows the Blue Line they painted down the middle of the course from start to finish. The outcome I wanted was to finish the Marathon – I was running in aid of Asthma UK in memory of a friends 10 year old daughter who suffered an asthma attack while watching TV with her family. Talk about a strong reason why! The end of the Blue Line, shown here in Central Park, was my desired outcome. All I had to do was keep putting one foot in front of the other and I would achieve that goal.

I still remember pretty much all of that day, from rising before the sun, seeing the Chrysler Building silhouetted against a clear purple to orange sunrise, arriving at the start area, being blown away by the guys in wheelchairs, listening to Frank Sinatra belt out New York, New York as the start gun went, the support and placards all the way, being propositioned by a hooker offering free sex to the runners!!, the different cultures as we made our way through the districts of New York, the pain of crossing the “Feeling Groovy” bridge, seeing 47,000 runners ahead of me, making their way up 1st Avenue (and I mean up!), being welcomed to the Bronx at mile 23 with a sign saying “Don’t stop here you are in the Bronx!”, seeing my wife and cousin, who were amongst the 2 million supporters cheering us all on. Struggling through Central Park to the finish almost delirious. Not being able to ‘high five’ an official at the finish line because I simply had nothing left. Walking to get my bags after finishing I was confronted by a first aider who asked if I was ok – at which point I collapsed and was taken to a recovery tent and fed with salt and rather cool hot chocolate. Meeting my wife at the gates of Central Park, realising we were never going to get a cab and walking for 3 hours to do the mile back to our hotel! The following days were equally memorable, wearing my finishers medal around town – the Marathon fever is hot in New York!

So what’s the point of this story? By staying on the Blue Line all I had to do was keep putting one foot in front of he other and I would reach the finish, my goal, my desired outcome. There was support all the way to help me do this although it was me ‘doing the doing’. This was my third marathon but in many ways my greatest achievement. I realised that with the right help and support any of us can achieve amazing things, ususally beyond what we think we can achieve.

Enter Blue Line 1-2-1,  to help you and support you achieve the goals you want and the outcomes you want to achieve. It requires stamina, perseverance and support to achieve these things and working together, you can achieve great things too.

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