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For Property Investors who want to attract Investor Finance to reach their goals in less time.

About you

You are serious about investing in property, perhaps you have done a course or two and you have started taking action. You have realised that buying property is an expensive game and no matter how much cash of your own you have, at some point you will run out. You understand that working with investors can help you but you don’t really know where to start. The very thought of approaching other people for money leaves you cold and in a spin. It’s proving a stumbling block for you, but if you could master this area, you could reach for the stars!

I have raised well over £2 million in the last couple of years for property investment projects. I can guide you through the steps to take and what to look for.

Welcome to Blue Line 1-2-1 coaching

What outcome do you want to achieve? Working alone can create its own challenges. Suddenly you are responsible for taking all of the decisions. Keeping yourself motivated and keeping on track. There is no one to turn to for that reassurance and sanity check. You are on your own.

Until now!

So how can I help you?

You get to choose a package that suits your needs and requirements to help you achieve the outcomes that you want. Working closely with you, we can look at the actions required to help you reach your goals and then provide accountability to ensure you reach them.

Sometimes I may not have the skills required to cover specific areas but that’s where my extensive network comes to your rescue. Trusted partners helping you to break through a particular challenge or reach a new stage.

Contact me now to discuss what outcome you want and lets get that action started!

I am also a Talent Dynamics Certified Trainer and can help you get the most from you and your team.



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